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  • Moujen Production Lead Times

    Production lead times varies between product series and quantities purchased. The charts below shows estimated non-binding production lead times that customers may expect from Moujen Global. Other channels may quote different times. Please keep in mind this production lead time excludes all shipment times. Additionally, the quantities mentioned below are order increment multiples (pack units). Heavy Duty Limit switches Enclosed limit switches Miniature and micro switches M6 panel mounted switches M22 panel mounted switches All information subject to change without notice.

  • Four-Directional Placement Heads

    For products configurable for 4 directions: the protruding teeth (red circle) must face the same direction with the actuator head. Four-directional placement heads are wonderful for those hard to install spaces. Giving machine designers and builders an easier option. Moujen product series MJ-7 offers such four-directional placement heads.

  • Phenolic Material Properties

    Phenol formaldehyde (PF) resin have excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, making them ideal for volatile environments. They are non-conductive and flame resistant, so they are a good choice for any environment that require compliance with fire safety, smoke emission, combustion and toxicity standards. In addition, phenol formaldehyde resin properties include good thermal insulation, low density and excellent durability. They are unaffected by corrosion and impervious to most chemicals. They are easy to mold into a variety of shapes and complex contours, making them adaptable to custom equipment or environments. Moujen's basic limit switch: MJ2-1 series with the suffixes "PH" or "PH-20", are made with these phenolic materials as their enclosures.

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  • OEM/ODM | Moujen Global Switches

    OEM / ODM Moujen has more than 30 years of experience with product customizations. We are able to create and modify molds and products for very specialized specifications. These may include materials, dimensions, and functionalities. Moujen works with Taiwan's best professionals to achieve great quality results. Below are a few examples of Moujen's past projects. MEA-9108 custom positioning Custom repositioning of the actuator of the MEA-9108 limit switch M22E-B1-5Q Custom assembly of M22E-stop pushbutton with M22 control box. Additionally, with custom connector. M22 E-stop with key-turn M22 E-stop with key-turn custom wording MJ-7204 Yellow, special actuators Custom actuators attached to the MJ-7204 limit switch. M6 pushbutton M6 pushbutton with accidental push cover MJ2-1730-BL Custom actuator angle MJ2-1578 Custom actuator angle MJ2-1702-S + MJ2-1704 Custom 2 switches single action MJ3-522121 Custom actuator angle Work with Moujen today. Contact

  • M4 | Moujen Global Switch

    M4 series - compact heavy duty limit switch Go Back Moujen’s M4 switch is slim and compact with side mountable design for tight space installations. The switch enclosure is a durable aluminum alloy material. The enclosure is rated for IP67 of protection, providing better dust, water, and oil resistances. The contacts are designed with positive opening functionality. The M4 series products uses 99.9% silver contacts; ensuring great electrical signals nonstop. M4 series products have inside them oil-impregnated bronze bushings. This increases the actuator’s function and life-span dramatically. The pre-cabled M4 products uses VCTF or SJTO class, size 18AWG cables. Additionally, M4 has variants that are without cabling. These are the M12 sized quick connect types. Available in AC or DC versions. The M4 has a wide range of actuator types and materials for choosing. Please refer to the nomenclature for more details. M4 complies with CE, CSA, and RoHS. ​ Features ​ Suitable for heavy force applications, in small to large sized systems. Slim & Compact side mount body design for tight space installati ons. Avg. size 75.5 x 29 x 16mm Form C, SPDT switch. CE, CSA, and RoHS. Wide range of actuator types. Heavy duty aluminum alloy and IP67 complete sealed body 99.9% silver contacts. Positive opening switch. Oil-impregnated bronze bushings AC or DC M12 quick connect types VCTF or SJTO (18AWG) pre-cabled types. ​ Applications ​ Roll up Doors, Gates, Elevators, Security Door Detecting the state(s) of the cover(s) ; and respond with an action Flap Doors, Conveyor Belts, Industrial Printing Counting quantity passthrough; and respond with an action CNC machines, 3D printers, Lifts, Packaging Machines, Elevators, Indoor Car Park, Lathes, Milling Tools, Compressors, Press Machines, Compactors, Mold Injection Machines Limiting component travel distance; and respond with an action Specifications ​ Nomenclature ​ Moujen Global E-Store ​ Quick View M4-4101Q-ZAC Price $331.53 VAT Included Add to Cart Quick View M4-4102Q-ZAC Price $335.53 VAT Included Add to Cart Quick View M4-4102RQ-ZAC Price $335.53 VAT Included Add to Cart Quick View M4-4103Q-ZAC Price $337.92 VAT Included Add to Cart Quick View M4-4104Q-ZAC Price $351.54 VAT Included Add to Cart Go Back

  • Moujen Global Switches | Quality EM switches Made in Taiwan

    Feature Products All Products Moujen Global E-Store MJ Heavy Duty Limit Switch M4 Heavy Duty Limit Switch ME Enclosed Limit Switch MJ2 Limit Switch MV Miniature Switch M6 ø16mm Panel Mounted Switch Feature Articles News & Articles Moujen News Moujen Production Lead Times Industry/Product Four-Directional Placement Heads Industry/Product Phenolic Material Properties Industry/Product Oil-Impregnated Bronze Bushings Industry/Product Nylon PA66 GC Material Properties 1 2

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