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Why Moujen?

"Moujen, Your Switch to Excellence"
 60 years of quality your customers will thank you for!

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Moujen products have been stress tested to perform more than half a million correct operations. We pride ourselves in achieving a less than 1% global defect rate; which many global brands rely on. Moujen’s products are certificated by many recognizable regulations in the world. These include TUV, UL, CE, CSA, CCC, and CE. 

Not only does Moujen's products meet global quality standards, another key point is that customers can count on Moujen's reliable supply and production lead times. On top of this, Moujen Taiwan HQ cooperates with leading couiers such as UPS and DHL to quickly and precisely deliver goods to customers all around the world. 

With recent years rise of E-commerce, Moujen has also enhanced our online presence. Cooperating with major global online retailers, retail consumers may now also purchase Moujen's high quality products quick and easy.

With over 60 years of experience supplying engineers and technicians all over the world, customers can also confidently rely on Moujen to customize products specific to any needs.

Last but not least, Moujen is an ISO registered company. We aim for the greatest customer satisfaction through continuous research and development and strict internal auditing. Our ongoing training programs and efficient operating procedures ensure that Moujen may operate lean while maintaining superior qualities. Customers may comfortably place their confidence in Moujen.

Key Points:

  • Products meet TUV,  UL, CE, CSA, CCC, CE, and RoHS

  • Less than 1% global defect rate

  • Reliable supply and production lead times

  • Reliable logistics with major couriers

  • Cooperating with well established global online retailers

  • Over 60 years of experience for quality customizations

  • Moujen management meets global ISO standards

Business Certifications / Awards

Tradeshow Attendances

2006 Hannover Trade Show_2.jpg

2006 Hannover Trade Show

2009 Hannover Trade Show_1.jpg

2009 Hannover Trade Show

2008 Taipei Int'l Automation Technology Exhibition.jpg

2008 Taipei Automation Exhibition

2011 Elektrotechniek Utrecht_2.jpg

2011 Elektrotechniek Utrecht

Company Pictures

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