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Moujen History

"Moujen, Your Switch to Excellence"
 60 years of quality your customers will thank you for!

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Moujen began in 1961 in Taiwan, specializing in the manufacturing of electromechanical products. These include limit switches, micro switches, and pushbutton switches. With over 60 years of experience supplying engineers and technicians all over the world, customers can confidently rely on Moujen's high quality products.


1961 - Founder Mr. Kao Mou-I establishes Song Sun Electric Co., Ltd. providing services as an electrical technician to companies and the government of Taiwan. Additionally manufactured small components for sale.

1977 - Song Sun Electric renames to Moujen Electric. Moujen products passes UL certification.

1981 - Moujen officially begins global expansion by selling to USA, and Europe.

1985 - Moujen acquires new land and 1st building in Tainan. Measuring 2500 M2.

1990 - Founder Kao Mou I passes away, his son Kao Yu Yuan becomes new Moujen CEO and owner.

1994 - Moujen 2nd production plant in Pingdong established. Moujen now has over 100 employees.

2000 - Moujen’s products are now certified by UL, CSA, VDE and CE.


2001~2004 - Canada, USA, and Netherlands sales offices established.


2006 - Signed major deal with PANASONIC as OEM/ODM manufacturer.


2007 - Moujen erects new 3rd building on Tainan land, and sets building as current HQ.


2008 - Moujen certified by ISO9001.


2013 - Signed deal with a German brand as primary OEM/ODM manufacturer.


2014 - Moujen launches online shopping platform to service global buyers.

2021 - Moujen cooperates with E-retailers to expand online reach; better servicing global customers.

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Moujen 3rd

building (HQ)


Moujen in 1975

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Moujen Taiwan Business License

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