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MJ1 series - heavy duty limit switch


Moujen’s MJ1 switch enclosure is a durable aluminum alloy body. There are 2 types of enclosure ratings, IP60 and IP65; providing better dust, water, and oil resistances.

The MJ1 series products uses 99.9% silver contacts; ensuring great electrical signals nonstop.

A great thing about the MJ1 series products, is that the actuator arm levers may rotate and be adjusted easily. This is a great convenience to users, and will save lots of time and reduce down time.

The MJ1 has a one-way action arm lever actuator that stops (within force) accidental backward actions from continuing. Please refer to the nomenclature for more details.

The MJ1 is slim and is side mounted. Suitable for tight space installations. As a Form C, SPDT switch, the MJ1 series products are simple to use and incorporate into your systems.

MJ1 complies with CE, UL, CCC, and RoHS.


​ Features 

  • A large variety of heavy force applications, in medium to large sized systems.

  • Avg. size 86 x 25.4 x 78.9mm

  • Form C, SPDT switch.

  • CE, UL, CCC and RoHS.

  • Field adjustable one-way action arm lever actuators.

  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy enclosure rated for IP65 and IP60.

  • Slim side mount body design for tight space installations.

  • 99.9% silver contacts.



Roll up Doors, Gates, Elevators, Security Door

  • Detecting the state(s) of the cover(s) ; and respond with an action


Flap Doors, Conveyor Belts, Industrial Printing

  • Counting quantity passthrough; and respond with an action


CNC machines, 3D printers, Lifts, Packaging Machines, Elevators, Indoor Car Park, Lathes, Milling Tools, Compressors, Press Machines, Compactors, Mold Injection Machines

  • Limiting component travel distance; and respond with an action








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