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MV series - miniature basic limit switch


Moujen’s MV switch enclosure is a durable PC plastic body. Additionally to choose from, is a high temperature and fire resistant type.

The MV series products uses silver-nickel alloy contacts; ensuring great electrical signals nonstop.

The MV has a wide range of actuator types and materials for choosing. Please refer to the nomenclature for more details.

MV products has 3 contact forms. These are Forms A, B, and C. It is a SPDT snap-act switch. The MV series products are reliable to use and incorporate; as well as compatible with many existing applications.

It is as well slim and with side mountable design great for tight spaces.

MV complies with CE, UL, CCC, CSA, and RoHS.



​ Features 

  • Suitable for light force applications, in small to medium sized systems.

  • Avg. size 28.5 x 15.9 x 10.3mm

  • Form A, B, & C; SPDT switch.

  • CE, UL, CCC, CSA, and RoHS.

  • Durable and economical PC plastic enclosure

  • Additional V-0 rated high temp. & fire resistant enclosure

  • Silver-Nickel alloy contacts

  • Slim side mount body design for tight space installations.

  • Reliable to use and incorporate; compatible with mass applications



Car Doors, Panel doors, Automated furniture, Microwaves, Ovens

  • Detecting the state(s) of the cover(s) ; and respond with an action

Linear Actuators, Small 3D Printers, Sewing Machines

  • Limiting component travel distance; and respond with an action








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