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Nylon PA66 GC Material Properties

For our MEA-9 product series enclosures, we went with Nylon (PA66) material; reinforced with 33% glass fiber. We chose this material because not only is it tougher than regular plastic, but also lighter weight than metal; as well as having properties like corrosion resistance and flame retardation.

Nylon (PA66) 33% GC

- Family: Polyamide 66

- 33% glass fiber reinforced

- Good electrical insulating properties

- High rigidity

- High toughness

- Impact resistant

- High abrasion resistant

- Anti-heat deflection and flame retardant (UL94 0.75mm HB)

- Lower moisture absorption rate than Nylon 6

- Nylon will not degenerate as a result of exposure to alcohols, ethers, ketones, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, lubricant oils, cleaning agents or water (including seawater).

- Attacked by strong mineral acids and absorbs polar solvents


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