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Oil-Impregnated Bronze Bushings

What is a Bushing?

Bushings are thin tubes that are often used to improve efficiency and minimize vibration and noise in machines with rotating or sliding shafts.

A bushing is a sort of bearing, which is the distinction between bearings and bushings. Bushings are distinct pieces of equipment, but bearings are a general phrase for whatever that facilitates motion between two components. Unlike rolling-element bearings, bushings are made up of a single piece.

Oil-Impregnated Bronze Bushings

With oil-impregnated bronze bushings, they are additionally characterized by their ability to self-lubricate. This effect is possible because of the powder metallurgy process: Bronze powder is gravity fed into a die set which is the desired bushing size. The powder is then pressed to connect the powder particles together. Thus creating an even more smoother rotating or sliding operation; which increases the actuator's life-span dramatically.

Which Moujen Products have this?

Many products of the MJ-7 and the M4-4 Series.


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